Training Programs conducted by Kevin Cahalane - client feedback

Kevin Cahalane has been working with Associations since the mid 80's. Since the founding of Membership Growth in 2004, Kevin has implemented a huge number of member recruitment, retention, renewal, reactivation, recession busting and revenue building training programs.

Below are some testimonials from a fraction of his satisfied customers.

In 2011, Kevin Cahalane delivered a workshop - Member Service Excellence - in the Eastern States of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria). Some of the feedback is below … it is outstanding and has established Kevin as one of Australia's best membership sales and service training professionals.

Very good. Lots of good and innovative ideas … all relevant topics were covered.
C Evans
Northern Sydney Central Coast Health

Very relevant to both myself and my organisation. Kevin speaks from experience - simple, yet relevant. Resource materials? Could not do better; added advantage to have so many electronic resources supplied.
J Adams
Taxation Institute of Australia

Good quality - well structured and very informative. Kevin's work history was very applicable to course.
H Jones
National Maritime Museum, NSW

Extremely engaging with plenty of relevant, practical examples. Very thorough and easy to follow, step-by-step. Resource materials well laid out and easy to follow.
Name/Club supplied

This was fantastic. Applicable to any organisation that manages members. Kevin - inspiring and entertaining. Credible and relevant. Resource materials of the highest order.
J Axe
Australian Physiotherapy Association

Lots of relevant information. Great. A really good mix of knowledge and humour.
A Franklin
Not-for-Profit Network

Very good - good mixture of practical with theory. Kevin's experience was evident.
K Kelly
Queensland Law Society

Excellent, focussed and plenty of examples. Kevin, knowledgeable and ability to keep on track. Excellent resources - DVD is a very good inclusion.
P Semos

Very good and useful material for future reference
L Ridge
NSW Nurses' Association

Undoubtedly the most useful member seminar I have attended. Very interactive. Kevin highly knowledgeable with well paced and pitched delivery. Often it is difficult to translate seminar learnings to the work-lace. Kevin's very concise electronic templates eliminate this problem.
D Hollis
Australian Hotels' Association

Fantastic. The information was much, much better than expected. Kevin seriously nailed it … hit the target! Outstanding resource materials. Very useful training manual.
M Barouche
Australian Hotels' Association

Very practical tips and tools to implement my objectives. Kevin - excellent/credible due to experience.
B Mills Australia NZ Insurance Federation.

Very good - thorough and detailed. Kevin very professional, obvious depth of knowledge and experience.
A Dean
Not-for-Profit Network

Small group interaction very useful, information and relevance - excellent.
C Wilson
Canegrowers, Queensland

Content and material very user-friendly. Encouraged input. Excellent resource materials.
G Hinchley
Growcom, Queensland

Amazed at the amount/scope of issues covered in one day. Level of presentation - perfect. Excellent/useful resource materials.
Name/Organisation supplied

D Jones
Science Industry Association

CPA Australia, one of the world's largest Associations wanted to give their Member Relations teams the best in Member/Customer Service Excellence training. Kevin Cahalane designed and delivered a highly tailored series of short, sharp workshops, covering CPA business objectives and kpi's, with fantastic results. Here's what a small cross-section of participants had to say:

Excellent.3 x 3 hours worked well! I enjoyed the real time examples.
Leonie De Guisti,
Manager, Member Services

Walter Ramadam,
Chief Financial Officer

Excellent; interesting. Kept the attention level up.
Sue Anderson

Adrian Craig

Enjoyed the course, well presented and a lot of useful information.

Excellent. A lot of information (covering) a wide range of customer service. Presented well.

Matt Beddoe

Great. Helped me to be more Member/ Customer focussed. Very interesting.

Very informative. Excellent Customer Service advice.
Barbara Wright

Interactive, detailed, easy to follow. Professional and well presented.

Brilliant! (Kevin) good sense of humour - makes it interesting.
Natalie Truong

Very good - enabled full participation.
Wendy Major

Excellent. Good overview of concepts.
Cris Massis

Kim Sargent

Very good.
Kerri Ludekens

Lots of practical examples!
Mary Mozano

Made sense and learnt a lot. Very good.

An eye opener! (Kevin) knowledgeable and interesting. Excellent.
Paul Beddoe

Very easy to work through (the course). (Kevin) generated discussion very well, was very friendly and encouraging.
Lauren Carroll

Well worth attending to go through the importance of service.
S Wasouf

 Really enjoyable. Good to focus on these subjects. (Kevin) genuinely listens to contributions.
L Clarke

Great for reference in the future. Well balanced, interactive, clear and effective.
K Parker


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Playgroup New South Wales recently engaged Kevin Cahalane to deliver a Member Service and Sales Excellence workshop. The feedback was incredible:

Very informative.  Very professional.
D Smith

Well presented … (Kevin) knowledgeable and entertaining.

Excellent.  (Kevin) knows his content.
L Marschall

Very informative, great animated presentation - kept everyone engaged.

Excellent, informative, interactive.
R Khan

The quality was relevant and concise.  (Kevin) very informative, interpersonal, enthusiastic and kept the workshop interesting.

A varied and uplifting workshop.  Lots of activities - not boring, well organised.
S Parker

Motivating, very interesting/professional.
D Gibson

… it was educational … look forward to using new knowledge and strategies.  (Kevin) casual and friendly as well as professional.
R Vielo

Excellent, entertaining.  Very good to hear stories from personal experience - I think Kevin was very professional.

Very high (opinion).  Did not feel like 7.5 hours - felt like a lot less!  Kept humour to appropriate levels and content.
M Cowie

Excellent - kept everyone on track … at a good pace.

Well run, clear objectives and outcomes, followed a logical pathway.  He is a professional, has lots of experience, presents well and gets the message across.

Very informative - made points I hadn't thought of.  Great.

Information which can be practiced in our organisation.  (Kevin) professional, but approachable.
S Durham

Really enjoyed the day and presentation of information, amount of group interaction/ content.  (Kevin) valued everyone's input/(I) enjoyed personal stories.
N O'Reilly

Covered a lot of material in an organised manner.  (Kevin) very personable, organised and thoughtful.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Victoria Division) utilised the skills of Kevin Cahalane to deliver a Member Service Excellence workshop, with a high proportion of Member Sales content - the feedback below says it all:


Very good, easy to understand, extremely professional.
R Clifford

Very good, more sales information than I expected - so good!

Very clear and well presented, (Kevin) demonstrated a high level of competency.

Very good.
K Charlton

High standard, informative, relevant. Very professional, in a relaxed manner.
M Tyndall

Good scale of workshop and appropriate interaction. Credible and relevant.
P Liddington

Great - (Kevin) knows his stuff and was able to adapt to the group's needs.
N Thomas

Good workshop - quite informative, well done.
S Davies

Very good, interesting - covered a lot of areas.
L Sullivan

Positive interaction, good stories.
L Campbell

Kevin conducted a two day workshop with the Member Liaison team of Financial Planning Association of Australia. The focus was on the proactive use of the telephone to recruit new members to the Association … the workshop included live calls to prospective members. The results were monitored and measured … the outcome? Fantastic! Here is the feedback from five participants

Excellent. (Kevin) managed the expectations and different team members well. Very professional and lots of examples provided.
V Seccombe
National Manager - Member Liaison

Professional. Excellent. Well done!
D Bungey

Excellent. Very helpful.

J Irvin

Great workshop - I came with great fear and walked away amazed and with confidence. (Kevin) very professional.
S Dunn,
Member Liaison Officer

Great. Very indepth and personal to the (our) company. Good value.
G Tickner

Kevin also conducted Member Service/Sales training programs with the Member Services and Education teams. Below is their very positive feedback.

Very good. Helps to take away anxious feelings about selling by providing a solid process and guide.
E Manton
Marketing Manager

Well run - organised - great role play examples. Very professional.
A Broadhurst

K Burrows

(Kevin) gave opportunity to ask questions, engaged everybody.
S Byrne

Very informative, very professional. Tailored to the FPA.
M Rangan

Delivered in a very informative way, very beneficial. Excellent.
B Bennet
Member Services Manager

Fantastic - clear, helpful. Very easy to understand.
K Hagan

Very interesting.
T Wigg

Excellent - well presented, interesting and educational.

Kevin was very outgoing and good at keeping your attention.
O Jenkins

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

Kevin was asked by Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) General Manager, Gunther Jurkshaft, to deliver a quality training workshop to his Regional Account Managers covering Member Recruitment/Sales and Member Retention/Loyalty Building Programs.

Results were outstanding as was the feedback.

Excellent - very informative.
C McCoull

Very good (want) a repeat every 12-18 months!
C Yeo

B Wise

Interest maintained throughout. All points were illustrated and explained.
G Shaw

Very good.
G Long

Very good.
G Cowen

Excellent - informative and tailored to suit our roles.
B Murray

L Clark

Good discussion points (Kevin) knows what he is talking about.
T Ellul

Excellent - great insight.
G Geisler

Deakin University Students' Association (DUSA)

Kevin was asked to conduct a Member Service/Sales course for Deakin University Students' Association. It was highly successful … a sample of the feedback is below.

Covered a varying array of topics which resulted in some great outcomes. Made a normally shy team come out of their shell!
Lisa Psomas, Campus Administrator - Manager of Member Services

G Henderson

G Ibrahim

It was a good course and I got a lot out of it.
L Ewbank

Very good.
N Manson

Extremely informative, well balanced and not boring. Good notes. (Kevin) very inclusive and professional.
D Shell

Very interesting, made us think. Very informative.
C Firman

Covered all aspects - precisely, of what we were after.
K Johnson

Excellent, did another customer service course last week, but got so much more out of this one. Kevin explained everything clearly.
R Starick


Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Australian Physiotherapy Association)

The Australian Physiotherapy Association sought a person who would deliver exceptional ideas in  marketing, and practice promotion, to their members. Kevin Cahalane was selected and exceeded the Association's expectations totally. The two day training workshops were delivered all around Australia and feedback was exceptional

One participant wrote …
Best business presenter I have seen in 25 years of attending workshops.

From Kathleen Hughes, Australian Physiotherapists' Association chairman:
Participants were most impressed with Kevin's presentation skills, his depth of knowledge of marketing and his willingness to spend time with them individually.

A few more samples include:

Very professional - clear … and informative, definitely meeting needs.
C Hatcher, Yarra Valley Physio

Excellent. Useful. Easy to keep up with and follow. Good understanding of our services.
L French, Cranbourne Central Physio

Excellent … an enjoyable experience.
R Edwards, Cronulla Physio

Excellent and practical advice.
M Hogan, Wangaratta Physio

Excellent. Well done Kevin.
C Constaninou, Windsor Physio

Excellent - relaxed, informative.
M Reeve, Watsonia Physio

Very sound … guide to marketing, planning, with plenty of value added.
B Fairfield, Lifestyle Physio

Excellent - plenty of ideas - kept interest all the way through.
G Thomas, LaTrobe Valley Physio

Excellent. Very clear (and) concise.
J Gosbell, JG Physio

Excellent. Valuable.
A Davis, Southern Rehab and Sports Physio

Excellent - practical, usable, relevant.
M Fabbi, Melbourne Central Physio

C Leckwing,
Backcare and Sports Physio

D Milobara, DM Physio

Kevin was excellent - fabulous listener, great presenter.
K Hunt, Traralgon Physio

Very interesting (Kevin) well prepared.
P Steggal, Grampians Physio

High standard - very informative.
E Butcher

Encouraging, supportive, high class professionalism.
G Foley

Excellent - clear, concise, professional.
R Horne, Seacrut Physio

Good advice and information, good facilitation of discussion.
M Fletcher

(Kevin) very professional and skilled in 'people' workshops.
B Kennedy

Well organised, logical, thorough.
M Hunt

(Quality) very high - above expectation.
M Archer

Excellent - very thought provoking.
S Hyland,
Thompsons Road