Member Service Excellence

(an example of a comprehensive one-day workshop)

  • Defining member service excellence - external and internal.Who is our member?
  • Why member service excellence is important … and sometimes difficult to manage.
  • How members perceive your role; what members hate.
  • The 12 vital steps to member service excellence.
  • Telephone response - consistent keys to getting it right every time a member (or prospective member) contacts you.
  • Self management: guidelines to taking responsibility and accountability.
  • The communication process:
    • elements of communication (often overlooked);
    • the communication channels - exploring different personality types and how to deal with them successfully;
    • what causes communication problems;
    • building rapport; listening and understanding;
    • improving the communication process.
  • Successful complaint management:
    • why members complain … and why a complaint is a gift;
    • dealing with a difficult person - for a win/win outcome.
    • facing your 'Moment of Truth' and dealing successfully with a difficult member.
    • The awesome power of follow through;
  • Seeking continuous improvement in our member service delivery.
  • Investing in a long term relationship by rewarding our members every time we interact with them
  • Practical skills practice exercises based on 'real life' scenarios.

Team building program for member service excellence 'champions'

(add an extra half-day to the above training)

  • DVD: 'Lessons from Geese'.
  • Discuss key points from DVD:
    • 'flying in formation'
    • 'staying with the flock'
    • 'rotating the lead'
    • 'honking to encourage others' (you have to view the video!!)
    • 'standing by each other' in good times and bad
  • Group exercises (will be further tailored to your requirements):
    • What is the purpose of our Team?
    • What are out Team strengths/attributes?
    • Where do we need to improve as a Team to achieve a 100% Member/Customer Service Excellence focus?
  • Becoming a Member Service Excellence Champion:
    • PowerPoint/music presentation;
    • much honking!