Member Relationship Management/ Sales Training

Suggested agenda for a member relationship/ sales training program (tailored exclusively to the requirements of the client - below is an example only)

  • Program overview: The 10 Steps to Membership Sales/Relationships..
  • Planning your membership sales success strategies; managing and prioritising your time.
  • Lead generation to gain prospects; add value to your current processes
    • direct marketing; email direct marketing
    • telephone
    • Gaining an appointment to visit the decisionmaker.
  • The member recruitment process (first time visit):
    • establishing a purpose/objectives for your visit;
    • structuring your sales call - 'no second chance at a first impression';
    • gaining rapport - the powerful art of influence and persuasion.
  • Determining needs through
    • asking high quality questions
    • excellent listening skills
    • gently controlling the conversation flow.
  • What motivates the decision to join an Organisation?
    • finding the decision maker's 'hot button'
    • offering a value proposition - solutions, advantages and benefits
    • presenting your value proposition successfully
    • tailoring your approach to different decisionmakers.
  • Gaining commitment - close the 'sale' … open the Relationship::
    • gaining commitment to join your organisation
    • opening the relationship
    • overcoming concerns and objections.
  • Building and managing the relationship (retention/renewal process)
    • key steps to integrate a 12 month new member relationship management program
    • managing relationships with current members e.g. communications, problem solving, gaining advocacy.
  • Skills practice exercises, based on 'real life' scenarios will be integrated, at key stages, throughout the training workshop.


Each participant will add to their current set of skills

  • The ability to recruit more members
  • The ability to retain/renew members
  • The ability to earn greater member revenue
  • The ability to build and promote the brand of their organisation