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Conduct your own member sales & member service excellence training ... develop the skills of your team ... join the #1 membership e.library in the world ... write brilliant membership brochures, marketing and promotional information for your membership campaigns ... coach and mentor your membership sales and business development teams

Our training and membership development e.resources are written to offer you useful, relevant and valuable information that you can work through quickly and implement immediately.

They are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF or Microsoft Word® formats, so that you can first look through the content on your computer screen then select what you want, brand and edit the 'word' documents-and print out just what you require. They are guaranteed to save you time and money as they are fully self-contained tools, resources and templates that you can develop for your own membership programs, specifically tailored to your organisation. They are ideal for any Not-for-Profit Organisation, large or small, from any country.

By printing only what will be of benefit to you, in your organisation, you are contributing to saving our planet … less paper used = less waste of resources … every little bit helps!

You can implement and apply the content of most of these programs within 30 minutes to two hours.

Best of all, our resources are competitively priced and we give you an absolute money back guarantee - if you don't feel your programs offers you value, we will refund the purchase price (and you can even keep the program).


Order selected sale products today ... Give yourself the gifts that keep on giving

Highest Quality e.Resources that we offer you include...


The Membership Growth Toolkit

The ultimate resource for member recruitment, retention, renewals, reactivation and revenue earning – designed for anyone in the NfP sector who needs to growth their membership to the highest levels and maximise their revenue.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is the only resource you will ever need, to keep your membership program focussed and your membership growing ... and growing.

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Purchase this program and you receive online access to The Membership Growth Library (valued @ $97) and CopyLink (membership copywriting resource, valued at $49.50) absolutely FREE

The Membership Growth e.Library
Membership Growth is a vital source of ideas, tips, hints and information, guidelines and education for all member-based organisations, all around the world.

If  you are seeking innovative, value added ways to build your membership and earn more revenue, then gain access to our e.Library


When you purchase the membership Growth Toolkit 

Member Service Excellence - Skills Training Program

The BEST Training Program Offer You'll EVER Receive - at the BEST Price.

If you ever wanted to deliver a service / team building training program to your people - what would be your strongest desire?

  • Be capable of delivering the training yourself or confidently hand the program over to a key member of your team?
  • Deliver to small or larger groups, as you desire?
  • Deliver your training in short, sharp 'chunks' (say from 1-3 hours or whatever timeframes you choose)?
  • Tailor and customise the training to suit your people and their unique needs?
  • Incorporate lots of exercises and reinforcement in your training?
  • Have a program that is both stand-alone or you can incorporate modules into your current training Programs? A 'very best of' compilation!
  • Have a program that is driven by real objectives and real key performance indicators?
  • Gain real outcomes for your people and your organisation in one dynamic program?
  • Possess the ability to use the same program over and over without paying expensive licence or participant fees?

Your expectations have just been exceeded!

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Purchase this program and you will receive the Member Service Charter of Excellence and the Complete Guide to Managing Member Complaints (combined value @ $94.70) absolutely FREE

The Member Relationship Management Sales Training, Coaching and Skills Development Program

  • Discover successful and proven ways to improve your Sales Results.
  • Gain more sales from every Prospective Member.
  • Build your team to the highest level of Sales Professionalism.
  • Build your team to the highest standards of MEMBERSHIP SALES.

The BEST Sales Training Program offer you will ever receive at the best price.  Ideal for Associations who have a sales or business development team

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Purchase this program and you will receive Telemarketing for Increased Revenue (valued @ $77) absolutely FREE


Your Comprehensive Membership Copywriting and Marketing Resource

  • Discover successful and proven ways to improve the persuasiveness and sell in the copy you (and your team) prepare.
  • Gain greater results from your direct mail, advertising, marketing, website development and renewals/recruitment/retention campaigns.
  • Build your team's skills to the highest levels of copywriting excellence.

The BEST marketing and advertising copywriting (and training) program you will EVER receive … at the BEST price.

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(single user)


Member Service Charter of Excellence  

A complete set of over 30 templates, tools, resources and guidelines to design, develop and implement your organisation’s own standards of service excellence to your members.


When you purchase the Member Service Excellence training program

Purchase Member Service Charter of
Excellence @ $39.70 (incl gst)

The Complete Guide to Managing Member Complaints


How to handle member complaints (particularly on the telephone) and creating a WIN/WIN. This program contains a complete guide to setting up a complaints management system in your organisation.  Contents include a PowerPoint to show your staff, a master spreadsheet for complaint reporting and resolving, a 28 page resource giving you total complaint management templates, tools and resources.


When you purchase the Member Service Excellence training program

Purchase the Complete Guide to Managing
Member Complaints @ $55.00 (incl gst)

Telemarketing for Increased Revenue


Want to develop your own telemarketing strategies inexpensively and efficiently? This is the best program you will ever own. Containing templates for scripts, reporting forms and objection handling – incorporating member recruitment, member retention, member renewals, new member ‘keep-in-touch’ invitation to events/functions gaining fundraising revenue and lost member win back.


This program will save you hours of labour and gain you $0,000’s in revenue. It contains everything you will ever need to commence your own telemarketing campaigns.  The amazing offer includes:

  • Five reporting templates/formats.
  • 13 quality scripts, covering every conceivable area of outbound telephone usages.
  • 42 pages of training resources – an invaluable set of tips, hints and guidelines for anyone who needs to make outbound calls.
  • A ‘Telemarketing for Revenue’ guide.  Over 50 pages of ‘how to’s’ to develop an inhouse telemarketing operation.
  • A coaching and mentoring program for you to get the best from your team.


Purchase Telemarketing for Revenue
@ $77.00 (incl gst)

When you purchase the Member Service Excellence training program

The Membership Sales & Service Stimulus Package

Build the skills of your team, create a culture of member service excellence … build member loyalty, reduce member complaints, earn more member revenue.

Here is what you will receive (sent electronically, in Word format - so you can print what you need, brand all materials and make changes to content as you desire):

(i)   The Member Service Excellence Training Program:

  • A 190-page Leader's Guide, covering this outstanding 16 module (16 - 20+ hours of training content) member service training program.
  • Over 60 pages of resource materials - just brand them and give to your staff, no licence fees.
  • A training workbook for your team to take notes and record ideas.
  • A Train the Trainer Guide - how to plan, how to deliver and how to get the BEST returns from your training program.
  • A coaching and mentoring program - ideal as a follow up to the training.
  • A PowerPoint presentation to complement the training program.

(ii)   The Member Service Charter of Excellence - over 30 ready to implement tools and resources so you can truly create a 'culture of excellence' within your organisation.

(iii)   Member Complaints Management System - full templates, covering all major areas of member complaints and how to fix them … quickly and permanently.  This system contains everything for you to develop a zero tolerance towards complaints … includes a PowerPoint presentation and a complaints documentation analysis (in a spreadsheet format)

(iv)   Leadership Excellence - 50 ideas, tips, hints, guidelines and articles for you, as a leader, to gain more ideas to inspire your people.

(v)   How to Conduct Meetings ... with Flair and Focus.  No more boring old meetings!  Set agendas and objectives, kick off in style, engage with your team and …have fun.

Sent to you as quality electronic files, awesome material … 'The Membership Sales & Service Stimulus Package' … Incredible Value @$297.00

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Sales Coaching and Mentoring for your Sales Team

How do you build individual accountability and motivate your sales/business development team to produce outstanding results and achieve their revenue targets in these turbulent times?

How do you improve the skills of under-achievers and keep your top performers at their peak?

How do you produce greater returns, more quickly, with less support?

'Turning Farmers into Hunters...Turning Hunters into Sales Champions'

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SPECIAL OFFER – Buy three Outstanding
Programs and Save over $60!

  • Member Service Charter of Excellence
  • The Complete Guide to Managing Member Complaints
  • Telemarketing for Increased Revenue

Purchase all three of the above
outstanding programs @ $109.00

  • Save over $60.00 on individual purchases.
  • We will also give you a ‘Guide to Conducting Successful Meetings’ FREE.
  • As well as our ‘Leadership Excellence’ book – contains 50 inspirational and powerful ideas for developing your leadership style (over 60 pages).
  • And ... the ‘Membership Growth Matters’ Collection.  30 of the best articles from earlier editions of our popular newsletter.

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