Introducing the Sales Coach and Mentor

By Kevin Cahalane, Sales & Service Momentum

A complete coaching and mentoring program for the busy sales manager, that will help you to dramatically lift the performance of your sales team.

The Sales Coach and Mentor Program will build your sales team's skills, improve their efficiencies and productivity and increase their sales and profits results.

The Sales Coaching and Mentoring Program is so simple and easy to run it will save you time, energy and money … I guarantee it.

Here is what the Sales Coaching and Mentoring Program consists of:

  • A complete 12-month coaching and mentoring plan for your sales team.
  • A complete field coaching system covering step-by-step methods to maximise sales success with your individual team members.
  • A guide to conducting quality sales meetings … with focus and flair.
  • A set of Resources and Tools for ongoing skills development of your sales team.
  • A complete sales training program, Consultative Account Management which is so easy to organise - you can deliver the modules to your team.
  • An e.resource centre for sales managers, stocked with great sales articles, sales tools, sales ideas from some of the world's top sales professionals. There are currently 90+ quality articles and tools in the e.resource centre, more are added each month.
  • An inspirational sales PowerPoint presentation, featuring words of wisdom from Muhammad Ali.
  • Leadership Excellence - 50 inspirational articles, tips, hints and guidelines designed as a motivational tool for you - the sales leader.
  • CopyLink - the best ever resource for any busy sales manager who needs to write sales letters, promotional flyers or even motivational messages to their sales team. Sells for $99 normally.
  • A quarterly up date program - offering you fresh sales ideas to deliver to your team, new additions to the e.resource centre.

All of the above delivered to you in an electronic format:

How much for this comprehensive program?

$297 (inclusive of gst) This is an amazing price - you will receive over $500 worth of material

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