Partnering for Results

Kevin Cahalane has worked for the following non-profit organisations:



Australian Credit Managers Association

Australian Hotels Association (Vic)


Australian Spatial Industry Business Association (ASIBA)

Crohn's & Colitis Australia

Deakin University Students' Association (DUSA)

Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (NSW)







Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association


Real Estate Institute of NSW

RSL Victoria

Rockhampton Regional Development


Victorian Arts Centre


Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)





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Kevin Cahalane has worked for these Sporting bodies in the key areas of Member Retention, Renewal, Reactivation and Recruitment:


Holden Racing Team

He has delivered keynote addresses to the following:

Associations Forum

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Australian College of Educators

Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women Inc

Australian General Practice Network

Australian Mortgage Society

Commerce Queensland

Communities in Control Conference

Federation of Australian & Technological Societies

Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia

International Not for Profit Conference and Exhibition (INCE)

National Speakers Association of Australia

North American Advertising Managers Association

NZ Publishers Association

NZ Sports Summit - 2008

Registered Clubs Association of NSW

St Kilda Football Club (Members)

Third Sector Expo, Melbourne

Victorian Veterinarian Association

Victorian Chambers of Commerce



Visit here for some client feedback.

Training Programs conducted by Kevin Cahalane

Kevin Cahalane has been working with Associations since the mid 80’s. In 2004 Kevin developed and formed Membership Growth.

Since the inception of Membership Growth, Kevin has implemented a huge number of member recruitment, retention, renewal, reactivation, recession busting and revenue building programs.

Below are some testimonials from a fraction of his satisfied customers.

Kevin Cahalane delivered a workshop – Member Service Excellence – in the Eastern States of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria). Some of the feedback is below … it is outstanding and has established Kevin as one of Australia's best membership sales and service training professionals.

Very good. Lots of good and innovative ideas … all relevant topics were covered.
C Evans
Northern Sydney Central Coast Health

Very relevant to both myself and my organisation. Kevin speaks from experience – simple, yet relevant. Resource materials? Could not do better; added advantage to have so many electronic resources supplied.
J Adams
Taxation Institute of Australia

Good quality – well structured and very informative. Kevin's work history was very applicable to course.
H Jones
National Maritime Museum, NSW

Extremely engaging with plenty of relevant, practical examples. Very thorough and easy to follow, step-by-step. Resource materials well laid out and easy to follow.
Name/Club supplied

This was fantastic. Applicable to any organisation that manages members. Kevin – inspiring and entertaining. Credible and relevant. Resource materials of the highest order.
J Axe
Australian Physiotherapy Association

Lots of relevant information. Great. A really good mix of knowledge and humour.
A Franklin
Not-for-Profit Network

Very good – good mixture of practical with theory. Kevin's experience was evident.
K Kelly
Queensland Law Society

Excellent, focussed and plenty of examples. Kevin, knowledgeable and ability to keep on track. Excellent resources – DVD is a very good inclusion.
P Semos

Very good and useful material for future reference.
L Ridge
NSW Nurses' Association

Undoubtedly the most useful member seminar I have attended. Very interactive. Kevin highly knowledgeable with well paced and pitched delivery. Often it is difficult to translate seminar learnings to the work-lace. Kevin's very concise electronic templates eliminate this problem.
D Hollis
Australian Hotels' Association

Fantastic. The information was much, much better than expected. Kevin seriously nailed it … hit the target! Outstanding resource materials. Very useful training manual.
M Barouche
Australian Hotels' Association

Very practical tips and tools to implement my objectives. Kevin – excellent/credible due to experience.
B Mills
Australia NZ Insurance Federation.

Very good – thorough and detailed. Kevin very professional, obvious depth of knowledge and experience.
A Dean
Not-for-Profit Network

Small group interaction very useful, information and relevance – excellent.
C Wilson
Canegrowers, Queensland

Content and material very user-friendly. Encouraged input. Excellent resource materials.
G Hinchley
Growcom, Queensland

Amazed at the amount/scope of issues covered in one day. Level of presentation – perfect. Excellent/useful resource materials.
Name/Organisation supplied

D Jones
Science Industry Association

CPA Australia, one of the word's largest Associations wanted to give their Member Relations teams the best in Member/Customer Service Excellence training. Kevin Cahalane designed and delivered a highly tailored series of short, sharp workshops, covering CPA business objectives and kpis, with fantastic results. Here's what a small cross-section of participants had to say:

Excellent.3 x 3 hours worked well! I enjoyed the real time examples.
Leonie De Guisti, Manager, Member Services

Walter Ramadam, Chief Financial Officer

Excellent; interesting. Kept the attention level up.
Sue Anderson

Adrian Craig

Enjoyed the course, well presented and a lot of useful information.

Excellent. A lot of information (covering) a wide range of customer service. Presented well.

Matt Beddoe

Great. Helped me to be more Member/ Customer focussed. Very interesting.

Very informative. Excellent Customer Service advice.
Barbara Wright

Interactive, detailed, easy to follow. Professional and well presented.

Brilliant! (Kevin) good sense of humour – makes it interesting.
Natalie Truong

Very good – enabled full participation.
Wendy Major

Excellent. Good overview of concepts.
Cris Massis

Kim Sargent

Very good.
Kerri Ludekens

Lots of practical examples!
Mary Mozano

Made sense and learnt a lot. Very good.

An eye opener! (Kevin) knowledgeable and interesting. Excellent.
Paul Beddoe

Very easy to work through (the course). (Kevin) generated discussion very well, was very friendly and encouraging.
Lauren Carroll

Well worth attending to go through the importance of service.
S Wasouf

Really enjoyable. Good to focus on these subjects. (Kevin) genuinely listens to contributions.
L Clarke

Great for reference in the future. Well balanced, interactive, clear and effective.
K Parker


Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Playgroup New South Wales engaged Kevin Cahalane to deliver a Member Service and Sales Excellence workshop. The feedback was incredible:


Very informative.  Very professional.
D Smith

Well presented … (Kevin) knowledgeable and entertaining.

Excellent.  (Kevin) knows his content.
L Marschall

Very informative, great animated presentation kept everyone engaged.

Excellent, informative, interactive.
R Khan

The quality was relevant and concise.  (Kevin) very informative, interpersonal, enthusiastic and kept the workshop interesting.

A varied and uplifting workshop.  Lots of activities not boring, well organised.
S Parker

Motivating, very interesting/professional.
D Gibson

… it was educational … look forward to using new knowledge and strategies.  (Kevin) casual and friendly as well as professional.
R Vielo

Excellent, entertaining.  Very good to hear stories from personal experience  I think Kevin was very professional.

Very high (opinion).  Did not feel like 7.5 hours felt like a lot less!  Kept humour to appropriate levels and content.
M Cowie

kept everyone on track … at a good pace.

Well run, clear objectives and outcomes, followed a logical pathway.  He is a professional, has lots of experience, presents well and gets the message across.

Very informative 
made points I hadn't thought of.  Great.

Information which can be practiced in our organisation.  (Kevin) professional, but approachable.
S Durham

Really enjoyed the day and presentation of information, amount of group interaction/ content.  (Kevin) valued everyone's input/(I) enjoyed personal stories.
N O'Reilly

Covered a lot of material in an organised manner.  (Kevin) very personable, organised and thoughtful.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (Victoria Division) utilised the skills of Kevin Cahalane to deliver a Member Service Excellence workshop, with a high proportion of Member Sales contentthe feedback below says it all:

Very good, easy to understand, extremely professional.
R Clifford

Very good, more sales information than I expected – so good!

Very clear and well presented, (Kevin) demonstrated a high level of competency.

Very good.
K Charlton

High standard, informative, relevant. Very professional, in a relaxed manner.
M Tyndall

Good scale of workshop and appropriate interaction. Credible and relevant.
P Liddington

Great – (Kevin) knows his stuff and was able to adapt to the group's needs.
N Thomas

Good workshop – quite informative, well done.
S Davies

Very good, interesting – covered a lot of areas.
L Sullivan

Positive interaction, good stories.
L Campbell

Financial Planning Association of Australia

Kevin conducted a two day workshop with the Member Liaison team of Financial Planning Association of Australia. The focus was on the proactive use of the telephone to recruit new members to the Association … the workshop included live calls to prospective members. The results were monitored and measured … the outcome? Fantastic! Here is the feedback from all five participants:

Excellent. (Kevin) managed the expectations and different team members well. Very professional and lots of examples provided.
V Seccombe
National ManagerMember Liaison

Professional. Excellent. Well done!
D Bungey

Excellent. Very helpful.
J Irvin

Great workshop – I came with great fear and walked away amazed and with confidence. (Kevin) very professional.
S Dunn,
Member Liaison Officer

Great. Very indepth and personal to the (our) company. Good value.
G Tickner

Kevin also conducted Member Service/Sales training programs with the Member Services and Education teams. Below is their very positive feedback.

Very good. Helps to take away anxious feelings about selling by providing a solid process and guide.
E Manton
Marketing Manager

Well run – organised – great role play examples. Very professional.
A Broadhurst

K Burrows

(Kevin) gave opportunity to ask questions, engaged everybody.
S Byrne

Very informative, very professional. Tailored to the FPA.
M Rangan

Delivered in a very informative way, very beneficial. Excellent.
B Bennet
Member Services Manager

Fantastic – clear, helpful. Very easy to understand.
K Hagan

Very interesting.
T Wigg

Excellent – well presented, interesting and educational.

Kevin was very outgoing and good at keeping your attention.
O Jenkins

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

Kevin was asked by Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) General Manager, Gunther Jurkshaft, to deliver a quality training workshop to his Regional Account Managers covering Member Recruitment/Sales and Member Retention/Loyalty Building Programs.

Results were outstanding as was the feedback

Excellent – very informative.
C McCoull

Very good (want) a repeat every 1218 months!
C Yeo

B Wise

Interest maintained throughout. All points were illustrated and explained.
G Shaw

Very good.
G Long

Very good.
G Cowen

Excellent – informative and tailored to suit our roles.
B Murray

L Clark

Good discussion points (Kevin) knows what he is talking about.
T Ellul

Excellent – great insight.
G Geisler

Deakin University Students' Association

Kevin was asked to conduct a Member Service/Sales course for Deakin University Students' Association. It was highly successful … a sample of the feedback is below.

Covered a varying array of topics which resulted in some great outcomes. Made a normally shy team come out of their shell!
Lisa Psomas, Campus Administrator – Manager of Member Services

G Henderson

G Ibrahim

It was a good course and I got a lot out of it.
L Ewbank

Very good.
N Manson

Extremely informative, well balanced and not boring. Good notes. (Kevin) very inclusive and professional.
D Shell

Very interesting, made us think. Very informative.
C Firman

Covered all aspects – precisely, of what we were after.
K Johnson

Excellent, did another customer service course last week, but got so much more out of this one. Kevin explained everything clearly.
R Starick

Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Herald Austral Credit Union and Defence Health Australia

Service is vital in organisations that are 100% focussed on service to their members. Below is feedback from Herald Austral Credit Union and Defence Health, both major players in their respective industries — Financial Services and Health Funds — with whom Kevin conducted highly successful member service excellence training programs.

Herald Austral Credit Union

Excellent; great (workshop).
D Edwards, General Manager

Very informative.
P Jacobsen

Well structured, relevant to group; practical and innovative.
S Grange

Excellent quality, very enjoyable and easy to understand.
M Goren

W Matthews

S Scelki

Very well presented.
D Tacina

Great. (Kevin) professional and friendly.
L Clark

Kevin presented well—made it interesting and amusing.
J Duncan

Very professional; enjoyed it very much.
A Galante

Quality information with an element of fun.
J Williams

Very good material and good to have group input.
A Suter

D Pinder

Great help to me, very informative.
O Chan

Quick paced; very worthwhile.
J Stroud

P Schofield

Defence Health

Great! Held everyone's attention.
E Colanchin

Very well presented, easy to follow.
S Cooper

Very informative.
M Stevanoskis

Followed well; well structured.
P Lacey

Very interesting.
C Kane

(Kevin) always in control. It was a lot of fun.
S Hopkinson

E Sorrell

Very good – better than other customer service courses I have done.
J Brown

Very well presented.
A Gasiti

A Zielecker

Great, enjoyable and enlightening.
V Fletcher

Excellent, highly motivating.
A Mesiti

Very interesting.
E Jennings

Extremely relevant and informative.
R Considine

Good information and good attitude to group.
R Garth

Very good. Excellent detail; very simple and easy learning.
S Lang

International Association of Conference Centres

A two day training program called: Building Relationships – Making it Memorable for your Customers. Delivered to members of the above Association in the hospitality industry:

Informative – motivating.
W Fox, Portsea Village Resort

Kevin – focussed and relevant.
J Conway, Kyarra Business Retreat

M Prendergast, Edmund Barton Centre

Excellent. Very professional.
G Maguire, Equinox Group

Great. Very entertaining as well as informative.
S Murrihy, Cape Schank Resort

R Johnston, Cumberland, Marysville

Professional and interactive.
L Thompson,Yarra Valley & Ranges Meeting and Conference Network

Quality of course was very good. Professionalism was excellent.
V Cuneen, Marylands Country House

Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Australian Physiotherapy Association

The Australian Physiotherapy Association sought a person who would deliver exceptional ideas in marketing to their members. Kevin Cahalane was selected and exceeded the Association’s expectations, totally. The two day training workshops were delivered all around Australia and feedback was exceptional.

One participant wrote …
Best business presenter I have seen in 25 years of attending workshops.

From Kathleen Hughes, Australian Physiotherapists’ Association chairman:
Participants were most impressed with Kevin’s presentation skills, his depth of knowledge of marketing and his willingness to spend time with them individually.

A few more samples include:

Very professional – clear … and informative, definitely meeting needs.
C Hatcher, Yarra Valley Physio

Excellent. Useful. Easy to keep up with and follow. Good understanding of our services.
L French, Cranbourne Central Physio

Excellent … an enjoyable experience.
R Edwards, Cronulla Physio

Excellent and practical advice.
M Hogan, Wangaratta Physio

Excellent. Well done Kevin.
C Constaninou, Windsor Physio

Excellent – relaxed, informative.
M Reeve, Watsonia Physio

Very sound … guide to marketing, planning, with plenty of value added.
B Fairfield, Lifestyle Physio

Excellent – plenty of ideas – kept interest all the way through.
G Thomas, LaTrobe Valley Physio

Excellent. Very clear (and) concise.
J Gosbell, JG Physio

Excellent. Valuable.
A Davis, Southern Rehab and Sports Physio

Excellent – practical, usable, relevant.
M Fabbi, Melbourne Central Physio


C Leckwing, Backcare and Sports Physio

D Milobara, DM Physio

Kevin was excellent – fabulous listener, great presenter.
K Hunt, Traralgon Physio

Very interesting (Kevin) well prepared.
P Steggal, Grampians Physio

High standard – very informative.
E Butcher

Encouraging, supportive, high class professionalism.
G Foley

Excellent – clear, concise, professional.
R Horne, Seacrut Physio

Good advice and information, good facilitation of discussion.
M Fletcher

(Kevin) very professional and skilled in 'people' workshops.
B Kennedy

Well organised, logical, thorough.
M Hunt

(Quality) very high – above expectation.
M Archer

Excellent – very thought provoking.
S Hyland, Thompsons Road Physio

Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association (PANPA)

Kevin Cahalane worked with PANPA to deliver training and skills development programs in areas such as trainer training, sales, customer service and sales management, which has featured comments from advertising sales managers such as …

High standard, extremely relevant information.
John Fairfax Publications

First Class.
News Corporation

In a letter to Kevin, Executive Director Frank Kelett states …

‘Kevin Cahalane has been a valuable contributor to PANPA over many years.

He has conducted numerous courses for our members including Train the Trainer workshops and Sales Management seminars for Advertising and Classifieds Managers.

He has spoken at our annual PANPA Conference as well as keynote presentations at special events.

His work within member newspapers – training, strategic planning, business development and marketing – has had outstanding feedback over the years.

Here is some further participant feedback:

Good interaction from other Newspaper Managers. Good ideas to take away. Kevin presented the course well and stimulated thinking.
D Lewis, Chief Advertising Manager, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong NSW)

High standard, extremely relevant information. Involved all attendees. Excellent.
P Menzies, Features Manager, John Fairfax Publications (NSW)

L Murrell, Tele-Sales Manager, Independent Newspapers (Vic)

The best training course I have ever attended.
S Molineux, Advertising Manager, Sunshine Coast Newspaper Coy (Qld)

Kevin was professional, has a great knowledge and was very informative.
C Halsall, Telemarketing Manager, Ballarat Courier (Vic)

Great workshop.
S Lingbeek, Telephone Sales Manager, The Examiner, Launceston (Tas)

Very professional and top quality information.
D Hudson, Classified Advertising Manager, Tweed Newspapers (NSW and Qld)

Tops – well researched and presented – 'do-able'.
P Wilson, Classified Advertising Manager, Queensland Times


A Southern, Classified Advertising Manager, Port Stephens Examiner (NSW)

First Class
T Asher, Features Manager, News Corporation (Qld)

Good ideas – good involvement
D Nash, Harris Newspapers (Tas)

Great information and sound advice, enjoyed the interaction. (Kevin was) excellent, down to earth and interesting.
R Skeels, Advertising Manager, Community Newspapers (WA)

Excellent value.
R Welsh, Advertising Manager, South Eastern Newspapers (Vic)

Excellent – 5 Stars!
R Duffield, Marketing Manager, Sunraysia Publishing Co (Vic)

Excellent, set out extremely well – everything explained thoroughly. Coached us through every point with great detail.
R Simpson, Sales Supervisor, Advocate Newspapers (Tas)

Excellent. I've learnt more in the last 2 days about management and team building. Kevin did a fantastic job.
G Herrich, Advertising Manager, Sunraysia Publishing Co (Vic)


Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Membership Development Programs conducted by Kevin Cahalane

CPA Australia

Kevin Cahalane has worked with CPA Australia (one of the world's largest membership-based organisations) for over six years, much of that time with Cris Massis, Director for Victoria. Below are some comments from Cris:

Throughout my professional career, I have engaged the services of Kevin Cahalane to provide guidance in growing the business.

Kevin uses a range of proven tools, methods and techniques focused on measurable results and business outcomes.

Key services that we have used include:

  • Customer/member retention initiatives and programs
  • Customer/member re-activation campaigns
  • New business sourcing
  • Customer/member growth strategies

Kevin's business experience along with his passion and dedication in getting results for his clients makes him an ideal choice in our work environment.
Cris Massis MBA
Director, Victoria
CPA Australia

Victorian Arts Centre

Kevin Cahalane worked with Charmaine Hart, Membership Manager of the Victorian Arts Centre. Our goal? Design a series of action plans to:

  • turn an enquiry into a member;
  • develop a ‘welcome new member’ program;
  • communicate with members (to retain their loyalty) throughout the years;
  • reactivate lost members.

Results? In Charmaine’s words …

Kevin, we made an excellent team! The programs we developed have been working extremely well – with outstanding results in the areas of gaining new members, keeping members informed and gaining back those members who had not rejoined. Very pleasing.

The Sydney Turf Club

Over a three-month period, Kevin Cahalane conducted a series of meeting and workshops with Jane Rowse (Sales and Marketing Manager of the Sydney Turf Club) and her membership team. To date, the Sydney Turf Club is implementing a huge number of ideas and programs designed to build their membership by 50% (and more) within a three year timeframe.

Testimonial Supplied by Sydney Turf Club
To Whom It May Concern
We found Kevin Cahalane and David Friend of Membership Acquisition and Retention Services to be extremely empowering and insightful mentors whose vast knowledge of membership and sales strategies assisted Sydney Turf Club in re-vamping their entire membership program. The passion for their individual fields was evident through their on-going commitment to making our program a success. Their follow-up, attention to detail and comprehensive reporting cannot be surpassed. Most importantly, they were able to listen to our areas of concern and adapt their entire program to ensure these issues would be addressed within our workshops. This ability to constantly change the pace and direction allowed us to work as a ‘team’ to achieve our end goal.
Not only did we develop an entirely new membership program, but we were able to address logistics and concerns at the same time. The overall facilitation process was excellent as our strategies became ‘achievable’. Finally, through their combined (and sometimes humorous) team work and independent expertise, Kevin and David were able to provide a fun environment which kept us motivated throughout the entire period.
We thoroughly recommend Kevin and David to any organisation.
Yours sincerely
Jane Rowse, Group Sales Manager, Sydney Turf Club
Jerome Ballard, Membership Manager, Sydney Turf Club
Jillian Thompson, Membership Coordinator, Sydney Turf Club

[The original of this letter is on file at the offices of Membership Growth)

Newcastle Knights (major Australian Rugby League Club)

Kevin and David were engaged by ARL Club, Newcastle Knights, to assist them in increasing their member base from around 800 to 5,000 in one year.

After adopting the strategies and action plan outlined by Kevin and David, they increased membership to 4,000 in an eight week campaign. In the words of CEO, Ian Bonnette …

We sought the advice of David and Kevin to provide insight into membership marketing and to advise and assist our club on the most appropriate strategies to increase membership and to satisfy our members.

We were extremely pleased with the approach, professionalism and assistance provided by David and Kevin.

St Kilda Football Club (a major Australian Football League Club)

Kevin Cahalane was called upon to implement and manage a renewals program. Consisting of volunteer members who telephoned non-renewals, Kevin recruited the team, established a leadership group, trained them and managed the entire campaign and reporting process. Results? Outstanding! The volunteer team renewed between 6 – 10% of the entire membership base over the 2 years, the most cost effective renewal channel ever!

Just a quick note to express St Kilda Football Club’s thanks and appreciation for your integral assistance and involvement in our recently completed ‘members telemarketing program’.

Your involvement in the planning process, training, implementation, and also reporting, was excellent. The fantastic sales results generated from the program are a testament to your involvement.

Kevin, I look forward to working with you again in the near future, as I hope to continue and grow the program in readiness for next season.
John De Rango, Membership Manager, St Kilda Football Club


Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

Club Rivers

I am delighted to report back on the progress of my renewal campaign that you assisted with. You may recall that I explained, traditionally this time of year for renewing memberships is quite difficult and this club has had a previous success rate of only 50% retention; since you assisted with my campaign, and bear in mind I have only had my renewal campaign running for two weeks, I am already at 32% of the 4,250 members due for newel with six weeks to go. THANK YOU!!! Your material is nothing short of fantastic.

Thanks once again Kevin, all the best.
Simon de Munck, General Manager, Club Rivers, New South Wales, Australia

Springvale RSL

Kevin Cahalane commenced a campaign with Springvale RSL. His objectives were:

  • Improve their member retention program.
  • Increase renewals from previous years.
  • Reverse the trend in member losses.
  • Implement programs to build member loyalty.

The result? In the words of General Manager, Bob Drew …

‘It was better than sliced bread! Far surpassed my expectations.’

Their membership grew by 47% in one year. Their renewals rate was 98%.

Read how Kevin made it happen here.


Keynote Presentations delivered by Kevin Cahalane

Membership Mastery

In June 2013, Kevin Cahalane delivered a seminar entitled Membership Mastery (in conjunction with Not for Profit Network (

He presented to over 120 people, in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The feedback was sensational - detailed below are a selected number of comments regarding Kevin's presentation and his presentation delivery and style.

Comments about Kevin's Presentation

Simple foundations that can make a difference and can be actioned immediately.
Diana Nasr, Clubs NSW

Very good. Quality. Excellent amount of information in the presentation.
Katie Hoskins, Montefiore Homes

Very good.
Rose Wong, HIMAA

Very useful information for your organisation to take back and use the ideas.
Lisa Turner, HIMAA

Excellent quality and systematic approach. Only need two or three key actions to take away to make a real difference.
Jack Whelan, Environment
Business Australia

Very good.
Sarah Wilson, WMAA

Naomi Burley, ACI

Very helpful in understanding retention strategies.
Penny Kochanski, ARCS Australia

It was very informative. Quality was good.
Antonia Mihalis, FPA

Great job. Valuable information and ready to apply.
Lisa Levar, Australian American Association

Very interesting and informative.
Lisa Wiesner, Montefiore Home

High quality.
Cassandra King, Friends of the Gardens

Excellent, clear, concise, eminently practical. Workbook was good and very useful for guiding notetaking.
Robert Stone, Edmund Rice Foundation

Very good.
J Burrows

Sound, comprehensive. Very good. 3 - 4 new ideas for me.
Judy Abattey, MECU

Excellent. Well done.
Jillaine Johnstone, HMAA

Great. Some good ideas we could use in our association.
Penny Cornah, MPAQ

Very good. Broad but sufficiently targeted.
Peter Magee, PBF

Great quality, learned new ways to market membership and good news ideas.
Adriana Boron, RSPCA Qld

Excellent, clear, precise, valuable information.
Stan Strahan, Thank Q Systems

Great quality, straight to the point. I was engaged the whole time.
Jessica Hough, Australian Camps Association

Tanja Kovac 

Fantastic, very relevant and has certainly made me think about how we could/should be selling our membership.
Vera Cvetkoski, Tourism Wollongong
Tony Turner, Australian Clay Target Association

Very good, lots of information provided in a short period of time.
Lisa Agic, Fitness Australia

It was very informative. I understood the presentation very well.
Jenny Law, OT Australia, NSW

Excellent content.
Andre Dussat, Golden Key

Very interesting topic.
Robyn Colley, Centre for Vet Education

Excellent, came away with a number of ideas.
Tatiana Govoni, American Australian Association

Very good, very relevant – some new ideas and ones I had forgotten.
Gary Monks, Newsagents Association of NSW

Great workshop, lots of useful information. Great value for the price.
Name and organisation supplied

Excellent information and value-packed!
M Kearns, Friends of the Gardens

Very good – pacey, relevant.
Maureen, Playgroup Victoria

Very good quality, motivational with substance.
Claudia Davies

Useful, relevant, well organised.
Susan Hearfield, Middle Years of Schooling Association

High quality. Good ideas and suggestions.
Jasmine McCormack, Queensland Shelter

Very good. Lots of useful information.
Rhonda Wilson, Sporting Wheelies

I was extremely impressed with the high quality of the presentation.
Rachael Williams, QRI Lifestyle

Very good. I picked up a lot of new tips, particularly around value and benefits.
Tony Coles, AAG

Excellent as I am a membership manager - without previous experience!!
Pauline Snell, Victorian Council of Social Services

Excellent. Topics relevant and presented well to a wide variety of audience.
Kim Forbes, Waves Leisure Centre

Excellent. Well presented, many reminders for success and new ideas to stimulate recruitment.
Chris Reynolds, ARL

Comments about Kevin’s Presentation Delivery (Style, Knowledge of the Topic, Professionalism)

Very enthusiastic and drives point on how basic skills will drive bottom line.
Diana Nasr, Clubs NSW

Interesting, well informed, comical. Kept me interested the whole time, thanks Kevin.
Vera Cvetkoski, Tourism Wollongong

Excellent information and delivery.
Tony Turner, Australian Clay Target Association

Excellent – very knowledgeable, very good speaker too which made it easy to maintain interest.
Katie Hoskins, Montefiore Home

Carla Saunders, Research Australia

Very good, clearly has experience that is highly relevant to associations. Not someone who has only worked in commercial marketing roles.
Jack Whelan, Environment Business Australia
 Very well spoken, lovely to have a great speaker and knows his topic.
Robyn Colley, Centre for Vet Education

Very experienced and knowledgeable. Using examples really helped me understand.
Penny Kochanski, ARCS Australia

Engaging, passionate and sincere.
Cassandra King, Friends of the Gardens

Excellent. Very professional.
Robert Stone, Edmund Rice Foundation

Judy Abbattey, MECU

Excellent, bright and clear voice. Held my attention.
Jillaine Johnstone, HMAA

Very high.
Rachael Williams, QRI Lifestyle
 Great. Nothing was inappropriate. Love that there was no swearing or coarse language – a lot tend to these days.
Rhonda Wilson, Sporting Wheelies

Great presenter.
Stan Strahan, Thank Q Systems

Pauline Snell, Victorian Council of Social Services

Excellent. Kept on topic and didn't get swayed.
Kim Forbes, Waves Leisure Centre

Good. Very knowledgeable. I love anecdotal presentations, so enjoyed this.
Maureen, Playgroup Victoria

Very good. I like that we started and finished on time and very structured presentation.
Susan Chandler, AMA Victoria

Interesting, well informed, comical. Kept me interested the whole time, thanks Kevin.
Vera Cvetkoski, Tourism Wollongong

Excellent. Great sense of humour. Kept the presentation interesting.
Ian Hadassin, JAA

Very professional, very good presenter.
Lisa Wiesner, Montefiore Home

Heather Williams, JAA

He was fun and not boring. I like how he gave examples of situations.
Jenny Law, OT Australia, NSW

Engaging, humorous and spot on.
Andre Dussat, Golden Key

Fantastic presenter with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Engaging and great speaker's voice.
Antonia Mihalis, FPA

Excellent. Well informed, concise and humorous, engaged audience well.
Tatiana Govoni, American Australian Association

First class.
M Kearns, Friends of the Gardens

Very good. Experience in both not for profit and corporate.
Peter Magee, PBF

Great – clear.
Susan Hearfield, Middle Years of Schooling Association

Very professional – demonstrated high knowledge.
Jasmine McCormack, Queensland Shelter

Kevin spoke very well.
Penny Cornah, MPAQ

I like how he didn't waste any time, practical, believed and practised his message.
Claudia Davies

Very professional. Liked the sharing of personal experiences that related to topic.
Adriana Boron, RSPCA Qld

Very professional and definitely knows his stuff.
Jessica Hough, Australian Camps Association

Catherine McCaffery, EIANZ

Very good.
David Benn, MPAQ

Tanja Kovac

Excellent – very engaging.
Tony Coles, AAG

Presented with conviction and experience.
Chris Reynolds, ARL

Top notch.
Andrew Roe, Golden Key

The Membership Mastery Summit

 Membership Growth and Not for Profit Network, conducted a full day seminar, with outstanding guest speakers, giving expert advice on building memberships and gaining greater member revenue.

Kevin Cahalane was MC (and a speaker) for the day.

Some great feedback from those who attended, including:

I enjoyed the range of speakers today, probably the best range I have been to. Excellent presentation day – thank you.
S Van Der Steege
Australian Veterinarian Association

Very good quality all around experience and examples most helpful.
G Patten
Motor Traders Association

Enjoyed all speakers – gained valuable insights to a variety of issues.
J Pittaway
Historic Houses Trust

(Speakers) informed and spoke from real experience; used real examples to demonstrate ideas. Will definitely attend future sessions …
J Adams
Taxation Institute of Australia

Most of the speakers were very good … session was good – got some good points from it.
A Gration
National Institute of Accounts

All had very useful contributions and were obviously very experienced.
D Hollis
Australian Hotels Association

The speakers were entertaining, delightful and held my attention the entire time.
N Smith
Motor Traders Association

All good and very thorough … thank you so much.
S Knott
Sydney Roosters

All (speakers) very passionate about their work and that came through in their presentations.
K Hollis
Australia Institute of Building

Fantastic! Very informative and practical. The information was extremely useful.
C Sloane
UNIFEM Australia

(Speakers) well experienced and passionate … practical tips.
A Hall
Fitness Australia

Very good range of topics and backgrounds. All speakers used practical examples.
M Cairns
Chron's and Colitis Association

International Not for Profit Conference and Exhibition (INCE)

Kevin Cahalane has been a featured speaker at the International Not for Profit Conference and Exhibition for three years … feedback from attendees includes:

Your presentations were wonderful and very helpful. Our membership is currently on the increase, so we are very pleased with the results (many of which have come from you). We will look at implementing the new ideas I gained from your presentations in the near future as well.

Loved listening to your inspirational presentations.
Carolyn Hick
Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (Queensland Division)

Thank you very much Kevin.

Your sessions were thought-provoking and right on the money.
Claudia Crosariol
Marketing Director
University of Sydney Students' Union


Communities in Control Conference

Dear Kevin

I write to thank you very much for your fantastic contribution to our recent Communities in Control Conference.

The feedback on your session was extremely positivestimulating new thinking and action.

We are already planning the next conference and many delegates mark it down as a highlight of the year advising they want to returnit's the speakers that make the conference specialso thank you for your time, effort and energy.

Thank you again for your support and I know our team really enjoyed working with you.

Warmest regards
Chief Executive Officer

 Third Sector Expo, Melbourne

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Third Sector Expo.

In my opinion some of the other speakers may well like to take a leaf out of your book!

Well done and thanks.

Peter RJ Neal
Strategy and Communications Manager
Meals on Wheels SA 

Associations Forum

I just wanted to say thanks again for your time and effort with last week's seminar.
I think the day was great and we have you to thank for chairing it so well.
Veronica Pham
Assistant Manager
Associations Forum

Experiential Agency, NZ

Your presentation to the attendees at our New Zealand Business of Sport Summit was fantastic, great depth of knowledge, well presented and with the right mix of humour, had everyone in the room busy taking notes.
I took many notes!
Thank you Kevin for a very professional presentation.
Kylee Daniel, Director, Experiential Agency - NZ Business of Sport Summit

Commerce Queensland

Commerce Queensland were privileged to have Kevin Cahalane speak at its "Presidents' Forum" on 13th March. The forum is an opportunity for Presidents of Chambers of Commerce from the South East corner of Queensland to meet and share plans for the future. Kevin's presentation on Membership in tight economic times was greeted with great enthusiasm as it addressed the real issues facing membership bodies today. I have no doubt that all Chambers will benefit from the evening , with many subscribing to the Membership Growth Matters newsletter.
Paul McDonald , Regional Manager, Commerce Queensland.

Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women Inc

I sincerely thank you for participating as a major workshop provider during the Division Conference held in Geelong, Victoria.

The standard of your session was outstanding and your topic of membership retention and development was extremely well received by our membership. It is a pertinent subject for our organisation at the moment and your energy, understanding of BPW’s issues and your presentation style touched each delegate. All gained much from your session and the division council will be following your suggested strategies with each club. It was particularly useful to have your workbook and thank you again for forwarding further marketing material to us after the conference. We are grateful for the time, enthusiasm and wisdom that you contributed to the education and enjoyment of the conference delegates. All felt renewed in their commitment to developing our membership base.
Alex Stewart, Division President, BPW Victoria

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Limited

I am writing to express the appreciation of the Councillors, the organisers of the AAA ‘Moving Ahead’ Conference in Melbourne and the members of the Association for your very important contribution to the unqualified success of the Conference.

Many complimentary comments were received about your presentation and leadership of the Concurrent Sessions.

May I add my congratulations and sincere thanks for the time and effort you spent in attending the Conference, your willing cooperation, your enthusiasm and your very professional address.
David Wright, Executive Director, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Limited.

Victorian Accommodation Association

On behalf of the Victorian Accommodation Association I would like to thank you for a job very well done.

The seminar that you conducted on 'First Impressions' which covered a complete gambit from answering the telephone in the correct manner, to selling, and then the conversion from enquiry to creating a booking on the telephone, certainly made an impression on the attendees. The feedback was excellent.

Many thanks for a job well done.
Brian Taylor, Membership and Marketing Manager


Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email:

The Registered Clubs' Association of NSW

I would like to thank you for your presentation to our Annual Seminar at Tamworth. You faced the difficult task of addressing a large audience (2,000), immediately following lunch, in a professional and entertaining manner. The contents of your paper and the ease of delivery ensured a captive audience.
Keith Kerr, Executive Director

Australian Mortgage Summit

Dear Kevin

Key Media thanks you for your participation as a speaker at the Australian Mortgage Summitt, Royal Pines Resort, Gold Cost. In particular, I would like to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the conference program and the event overall.

The event was a great success, attracting 250 delegates, and we greatly appreciate your involvement. We have received excellent feedback from our delegates regarding your presentation. It was professionally presented and delegates enjoyed the information and intense sessions you delivered.

Once again, we thank you for your participation in the Australian Mortgage Summit and look forward to working with you on future Key Media events.
Mike Shipley, Managing Director, Key Media Pty Ltd
Tim Duce, Project Manager
Magdalen Wong, Conference Producer


St Kilda Football Club

Just wanted to personally thank-you for the superb job you did on Tuesday night (major forum for St Kilda Football Club members and supporters). We were absolutely ecstatic with the result and don't think it could have gone any better. The way you controlled things was amazing and your sense of humour made the crowd feel very comfortable to express their views and opinions. Your assistance has made huge inroads for the new team here, and I personally want to thank-you.
Ben Hall, Sales Manager Membership and Merchandise

American Advertising Managers Conference

Your presentation was everything I hoped for, and more! The money in the bank ideas you gave us will help managers recoup the expense of their participation in the Conference. Why re-invent the wheel when we can 'steal' proven ideas from our peers around the world?
Charles Diederich, Sales Manager, Media General, Virginia, USA

Congratulations Kevin, you were a great ambassador for Australia.
Dee Wilson, (former) Managing Director, Fairfax Newspapers Group, Sydney

National Speakers' Association of Australia

You helped make it a great day!

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the Success of the National Speakers' Association of Australia 'Inspirations' seminar. All of the professional people who attended were most impressed by the talent, expertise and ability of those presenting and you, in no small way, contributed hugely to this favourable reaction.
Laurie Smale, ASM Events Convenor


I can design and tailor a dynamic seminar for your organisation. I can present, on a variety of membership related topics, at your next conference/convention.

Contact Kevin Cahalane on
(03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or
+613 5976 8966 (International)
or email: