The Membership Growth e.Library

Membership Growth is a vital source of ideas, tips, hints and information, guidelines and education for all member-based organisations, all around the world.

If you are seeking innovative, value added ways to build your membership and earn more revenue, then gain access to our e.library and e.resource Centre for only $AU97.

It is a steadily growing treasure-trove of quality material that will return your investment many times over.

Contents include:

  • Member Recruitment

From case studies, ideas on best use of technology to bolster your recruitment campaign, PowerPoint presentations for you to use and ideas for welcoming new members.

  • Member Retention

Choose from White Papers, Member Relationship Management guidelines, a Member Service 'Charter of Excellence' (all you will ever need to develop your own charter of member service excellence), articles on member retention and loyalty plus best ways to manage your data base.

  • Member Renewals/Reactivation

How to's on renewing easily and effortlessly, PowerPoint presentations for you to use and ideas on the power of the telephone in member renewals … and winning back lost members.

  • Earning Member Revenue

Planning guide for successful events, guides to fundraising success and other methods to earn more member revenue … more often.

  • Practical Ideas, Inspiration, Advice and Assistance

Includes 50 ways to achieve Leadership Excellence, how to conduct successful meetings – delivered with flair and focus, 'Presentation Skills' – a 65 page packed with ideas, attributes of top leaders and much more.

  • Membership Marketing and Promotion

Marketing strategies to integrate the magic of marketing with the science of sales, promotional strategies, PR ideas and how to improve communications to build your membership as well as interviews with successful membership managers.

  • Recession Busting Strategies for 2010 … and Beyond

How to build membership when times get tough, how the humble telephone will recession proof your organisation, the four most important things every member wants … and needs, tough times marketing and promotion and how to stay relevant in your members' eyes.

  • Membership Resources

A huge number of tools, ideas, guides and helpful information for membership development – such as 8 steps to successful change factors in your organisation, 10 steps to acquiring a sponsor, membership sales success strategies, a data base checklist, rating your member service, creating a membership strategy and lots more useful information.

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