What is the Membership Growth Toolkit?

It is the ultimate DIY resource for successful Member Recruitment, Retention, Renewals/Reactivation and Revenue earning, designed specifically for anyone in the not-for-profit sector who needs to grow their membership to the highest levels and earn more member revenue than ever before.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is the only resource you will ever need, to keep your membership program focussed and your membership growing … and growing.

Who will Benefit from Purchasing the Membership Growth Toolkit?

Anyone who is involved in recruiting members, retaining members and building member loyalty and member engarement, renewing memberships annually, reactivating lost members or earning member revenue simply must utilise The Membership Growth Toolkit:

  • Professional Associations and Organisations
  • Consumer Associations and Organisations
  • Sporting Clubs and Bodies
  • Recreational Clubs and Bodies
  • Community Groups
  • Education and School Organisations
  • Religious and Church Groups/Organisations
  • All Membership-based Organisations
  • Anyone who seriously wants to grow their membership, based anywhere in the world.

Who, in Your Organisation, will Benefit?

  • Membership Managers/Team Leaders/Co-ordinators
  • Member Service Managers/Co-ordinators
  • Marketing, Sales and Business Development Managers
  • CEOs or Presidents who have direct membership growth responsibility
  • Volunteer membership development people
  • Anyone who seriously wants to grow their membership, based anywhere in the world.

What Benefits and Value will The Membership Growth Toolkit Deliver to YOU?

If you seriously want to build your organisation's membership to the highest levels ever … setting all time renewals records … earning more revenue than you ever thought possible … The Membership Growth Toolkit will give you:

  • A complete marketing and sales promotion plan for membership development and growth.
  • A complete member recruitment plan – every tool and resource you will ever need.
  • A complete member retention and loyalty building plan.
  • A complete member renewals and reactivation plan.
  • A complete guide to earning more revenue, more often from your members.
  • A complete series of tools and templates to put the whole package together into a dynamic, comprehensive planning and implementation strategy – tailored to your specific requirements.



We will help you recession proof your organisation!           

Great  Membership Growth Toolkit resources such as …

  • 10 steps to take when times get tough, that will give you continued membership growth;
  • the four key outcomes that every member (and prospective member) wants … and needs;
  • the power of the telephone – #1 recession buster! …
  • and much, much more.

Membership Growth is based in Australia, however the Membership Growth Toolkit has quality applications for any organisation…based anywhere in the world:

'Kevin, I took one simple idea from your Membership Growth Toolkit  and turned it into 91 new members.

I was your longest running prospect but finally joined and have never looked back.  I particularly enjoy the e.library benefit and the frequent correspondence - your newsletter and 'keep in touch' emails.  Your non-stop enthusiasm and encouragement for helping non-profits continually grow their memberships is contagious.  I just wanted to make sure that your future clients know that you and the Membership Growth Toolkit are the REAL DEAL!

All the best from the USA.'

Janice Lincoln
Membership Manager
Elmcrest Country Club
Iowa, USA


Purchase the Membership Growth Toolkit today.


What is The Membership Growth Toolkit?

It is a seven part DIY business and marketing development program designed for anyone who is involved in member recruitment, retention, renewal, reactivation and revenue earning.

The Toolkit comprises a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide (downloaded in a simple to use electronic format) and worksheets (downloaded as a Word document). Nearly 500 pages of high quality information which you can tailor and customise to your exact requirements.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is easy to use, gives you invaluable tips, hints, strategies and action plans and can be worked at your pace. You can fast track sections, skip some sections of little value to you, expand on areas of importance – you’ve got it all! In one, complete, customised program.

Hi Kevin,

'I was reviewing some work that I had done with my membership committee and some members of our Board of Directors and was amazed to discover that our early SWOT findings have been almost totally transformed from negative to positive! We are now offering many more incentives for joining the Carriage Association of America. I owe you a great debt of gratitude for getting me on the right path. Thank you.'
Pat Kimura, Carriage Association of America

‘Toolkit is well rounded and practical. It is something that can be accessed at all levels of the organisation – from upper management to those actually implementing the plans.’
J Thompson, Melbourne Racing Club

‘The way it is written, it is very easy to understand and makes it easy to relate back to our business.’
P Cranwell, Diabeties South Australia

'I can’t get through the toolkit fast enough… Comprehensive, thought challenging, and exceptionally well laid out… Your toolkit alone is worth ten times the cost of membership. It addresses it all; planning, branding, strength and weakness assessments, opportunity and threat analysis. It’s quite simply a template for success. Well done… As a strategic advisor, I simply do not remember the last time I have been so thoroughly impressed.'

Neil R Palmquist CMAA, CEPA Investment Banking Simulator - Cornell, NY, USA

The seven chapters contain:

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
How to gain maximum benefit from your Toolkit; how to develop successful membership growth habits and how to gain the best efficiencies for best results.
Chapter 1 is the overview for your Membership Growth Toolkit.

1.1 Gaining Maximum Benefit from Your Toolkit
1.2 Developing Successful Membership Marketing Traits
1.3 The 4 R’s of Membership
1.4 Improve your Organisation Efficiencies and Effectiveness for Results and Revenue

'Very generous in the amount of information it gives.'
C Hart, Victoria Arts Centre

‘(It has) been very informative and of great value.
Content is very valuable – would recommend it to anyone.’

A Musgrove, Australian Camps Association

Chapter 2: Marketing Planning Strategies for Success
Marketing Planning Strategies for Success is your Membership Growth Toolkit blueprint. It covers vital areas such as defining your (organisation’s) vision, values and current factors impacting on your growth; analysing your strengths and weaknesses; seriously looking at, improving upon, your branding, theme(s), target markets and positioning; the value you add to members and what it is that makes you unique. This chapter finishes with a comprehensive outline of objectives, strategies, action plans, timeframes, resources, responsibilities and budgets required for each of the key areas – recruitment, retention, renewal/reactivation and revenue.

2.1 Defining Your Vision and Values
2.2 Creating a Member Value Statement
2.3 Current Factors Affecting Your Organisation / Conducting a GAP Analysis
2.4 Conducting a SWOT Analysis
2.5 Creating a Brand
2.6 Market Segmentation and Market Research
2.7 Positioning Your Organisation
2.8 Adding Value and Innovation for Members
2.9 Develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
2.10 Your Membership Marketing Plan / Budget
2.11 Managing Change Effectively
2.12 Membership Systems Development

'Covers every aspect of membership. Nice easy language, simple English and versatility. Don't need a marketing degree to understand it.'
S Stevenson, Australian Football League (Tas)

'Kevin (is) very approachable and happy to assist if any problems. Just call and he will tell you how to deal with it.'
C Reilly, SHARE (SMR) Inc

Chapter 3: Member Recruitment Strategies for Success
Member Recruitment, how to deliver a simple, powerful, successful member recruitment campaign; making the best use of volunteers to assist your member recruitment drive; developing high powered publicity and promotional campaigns to attract new members … on a shoestring budget; 18 proven strategies and action plans to gain new members; capturing prospect information … what you must do.
The most comprehensive member recruitment plan available.

3.1 Member Recruitment Marketing Campaign
3.2 Appointing a Membership Manager / Team Leader / Co-ordinator
3.3 Forming a Volunteer Committee and Other Key Volunteer Functions
3.4 Recruiting New Members: Create a MAC Attack
3.5 Developing a Member Recruitment Publicity and Promotion Campaign
3.6 Database Building: Information Capture
3.7 New Members: Introduction and Orientation
3.8 Member Recruitment – New Member Welcome Template

Let me congratulate you on The Membership Growth Toolkit. I have found it to be a great source of inspiration when I am struggling to find new ways of increasing membership … and interest in membership. Well done.
L Grindal,  Boating Industry of Victoria

'Very happy. Kevin has a lot of experience - very focussed and sincere.'
K Dock, Sydney Private Tennis Academy

Chapter 4: Member Retention Strategies for Success
Member Retention; key member retention guidelines, Member Service Excellence – how to keep ‘em … and keep ‘em coming back; listening to your members – market research, surveys and feedback; your membership data base and how to gain the most from it; develop a member ‘keep-in-touch’ program; what to do in that vital first year of membership; building a Member Loyalty Plan; Member-get-Member and referral programs.

All you will ever need to keep your members satisfied ... and loyal.

4.1 Member Retention Marketing Campaign
4.2 Key Member Retention Strategies
4.3 Member Service Excellence
4.4 Seeking Continuous Improvement
4.5 Listen to Your Members – Market Research, Surveys, Feedback
4.6 Your Member Contact Management System / Database
4.7 Develop a Member ‘Keep-in-Touch’ Program
4.8 Member Relationship Management: Building a Member Loyalty Plan

‘Well worth the investment. I liked most your willingness to share so many good ideas and the objectives for each part … as well as the notes (worksheets) with space for completion.’
P Bunworth, Inner Eastern Group

'Easy to understand. Easy to follow.'
D Morrissey, Kyneton Racing Club

Chapter 5: Member Renewal Strategies for Success
Member Renewal; developing your renewal programs; how to contact your members, key steps to ensure your renewal program is a resounding success … year after year; tools, resources and templates for your renewal program.

Take the pain out of membership renewals!

Part 1
5.1 Member Renewal Marketing Campaign
5.2 Planning Your Member Renewal Campaign
5.3 Tips, Hints and Guidelines on Designing a Successful Renewal Letter, Brochure
5.4 Direct Marketing Creative Brief
5.5 Executing and Evaluating Your Member renewal Campaign

‘Lots of good ideas. Everything is there at your fingertips.’
R Sheppard, Queensland Softball Association

'Great innovation and a good tool for working clubs.'
A McGowan, Wentworthville United JRL Football Club Inc

Part 2
Lost Member Reactivation; how to make contact; when to make contact; ‘hitting the heart’ and asking the vital questions … offering real benefits of renewing; turning a non-renewal into important feedback, dealing with conflict and complaints … turning it into a positive experience.

Your best resource to win back lost Members.

5.6 Member Reactivation Marketing Campaign
5.7 Planning Your Reactivation Campaign
5.8 Planning and Conducting a Telemarketing Reactivation Campaign
5.9 Evaluating Your Reactivation Campaign

'Templates are always good. Good to see a generic way of laying things out.'
R Nugent, About the Garden

'The way it has been put together, the structure, gives you a track to follow.'
J King, Floreat Surf Life Saving Club

Chapter 6: Revenue Earning Strategies for Success
The purpose of this chapter is to assist you to gain maximum revenue earning opportunities from your happy, satisfied members (incidentally - their happiness and satisfaction are pre-requisites before you undertake this chapter).

You have completed the hard tasks – Recruitment, Retention and Renewals campaigns successfully. You have won back a number of 'lost' members – or gained some great feedback as to why they are not renewing, and used what you can of it to bring about some positive improvements within your organisation. Now it is time to build member revenue.

6.1 Membership Sales
6.2 Merchandise and Memorabilia Sales
6.3 Building Your Membership through Fundraising and Social Functions
6.4 Your Guide to Planning Events
6.5 Your Sponsorship Campaign
6.6 Database building checklist, your guide to a powerful information management system – to earn you revenue.

'Your material has been very useful and has helped us. We are 4% ahead over last year to date. Thank you for great material and looking forward to more.'
Dean Falvo
Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario

'Membership with you (Membership Growth Toolkit) is more helpful than membership with any other organisation.'
Peter Thurston, CEO
Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia

Chapter 7: Recession Busting Strategies 
This chapter will take you through a number of vital steps to stabilise your current membership … to continue to gain new members, even when times are tough … and continue to grow member revenue.

7.1 How to Build Your Membership When Times Get Tough.
7.2 How the Humble Telephone will Recession-Proof Your Organisation
7.3 The four most important things you will ever offer to your members – Innovation, Value, Benefits, Results – and how to make the most of them in tough times.
7.4 Marketing and Promotion – Tips, Hints and Guidelines for Sluggish Times.
7.5 Staying Relevant – the Key to Member Retention ... and Acquisition.

'The Membership Growth Toolkit is fantastic … really helpful.
A Cornish
Heidelberg Golf Club, Vic

'Hi Kevin
Our Australian Plants Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary in March 2007, its membership is ageing, and we realise we need to do something about it.
Your membership growth system provided a complete new way of renewing not only membership growth but an opportunity to revitalise the way we manage our society.
Your generic WORD Templates have been restructured to suit the Australian Plants Society culture, it became a tool to review, and restructure the relationship between the APS Victoria Board and the APS District Clubs and much more.
The Toolkit is now a review booklet called 'Planning for Australian Plants Society VIC and District Groups Membership Growth' in real terms it is much more than that - it will revitalise the whole way we work.
It is now in the review stage with a number of key members and will be presented at our 50th anniversary celebrations on the 17th March 2007.
You were right, it takes at least 6 months to come up with a document to suit ones own organisation.

Ben Somerville
Australian Plants Society, Vic

BONUS 1 -  When you purchase the Membership Growth Toolkit, you will receive a complimentary copy of 'CopyLink' - your complete guide to creating great copy for your website, membership recruitment and renewals campaigns, FaceBook and other social media postings. 'CopyLink' has everything you will ever need to write consistently high quality copy. 

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Both of the above with our compliments, when you purchase The Membership Growth Toolkit!

Purchase the Membership Growth Toolkit NOW.

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A small sample of associations, sports groups, business/professional and community groups, around the world – who have purchased The Membership Growth Toolkit


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Australian Inst of Horticulture, (NSW) ... Australian Inst of Horticulture, (Vic) ... Australian Institute of management (Qld) ... Australian Library and Information Assn ... Australian Marketing Institute ... Australian Multiple Birth Association ... Australian Nursing Federation (Vic) ...Australians Lawyers Alliance ... Australian Olives Association ... Australian Parachute Federation ... Australian Plant Society Vic ...Australian Society for HIV Medicine ... Australian Spatial Information Business Association (ASIBA) ... Brighton-le-Sands RSL Club ... Boating Industry Assn Vic ... BRI Australia ... Caloundra RSL... Carers Victoria... Carriage Association of America ... CPA Australia (Vic) ... Chartered Secretaries Australia ... Chiropracters Association ... City of Marion ...Cleveland Bowls Club ... Club Rivers ...Clubs WA ... Complementary Healthcare Council ... Council on the Ageing (Tasmania) Inc ... Country Travellers Assn ... Country Women’s Assn in Tas Inc ...Cranbourne RSL ... Crohn's & Colitis Australia... Cronulla Sharks ... Dandenong Oasis Swimming Pools and Gym ... Deakin University Students Association ... Devilbend Golf Club ... Diabetes Australia ... Elmcrest Country Club, Iowa, USA ... English Australia... Equestrian Australia (National)... Equestrian Western Australia ...Family Business Aust ... Fernwood Women's Health Clubs... Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited... FINSIA ... Freemasons Vic ... Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Inc ... Front Desk Florence, Oregon, USA ... Furniture Industry Ass'n ... GENCA ...Gailes Golf Club ... Geological Society of Australia ... GippSport ... Girl Guides NSW/ACT ... Grosvenor Club ... Gymnastics Queensland ... Hastings RSL ... Heart Foundation ... Hervey Bay City Council ... HMAA ... HS Irrigators (NSW) ... Illawarra TAFE Students Assoc ... Inform Connection Pty Ltd ...Institute of Internal Auditors ... Institute of Public Accountants ... Institute of Public Administration (NSW) ... Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (NSW) ... Institution of Chemical Engineers ... Investment Banking Simulator (USA) ... James Cook University Student Assn ... Jewellers Association of Australia ... Junior Soccer Coach (UK) ... Kyneton Racing Club ... LAMP-FCCCG-YAGUBI ... Law Society of WA ... Lifemap Technologies Pty Ltd ... Marketing Communications Executives International ... Maryborough Golf Club (Vic) ... Master Builders Association of WA ... Master Plumbers Association ... Motor Neurone Disease Disease Queensland ... National Baking Industry Association ... Nat Inst of Accountants ... National Electrical and Communications Association NSW ... National Institute of Accountants (Tas) ... National Trust of Australia... Northern Business Forum (UK) ... Onions Australia ... OST Database Group ... Outcare Inc ... Over 50's Assn (ARPA) ... Palmwoods Bowls Club Inc ... Parents and Friends Federation of WA Inc... Parks and Leisure Australia ... Pedal Power ... Penrith Swimming Club Inc ... Pharmacy Guild of Australia - Victoria... Phoenix Lifestyle ... Playgroup SA Inc... Printing Industries Association of Australia ... Property Owners' Association of NSW ... Public Health Association of Australia Inc ... Queensland Independent Education Union ... Royal Bowls NSW ... RSPCA (WA) ... Qld Ind Edu Union ... Qld Roar FC ... Queensland Canoeing Inc ... QUT Student Guild ... RSL (Vic) ... Real Estate Institute of NSW ...Recfish Australia ... Redbanks Fish and Field... Reel Hookers Club ... Rockhampton Regional Development Ltd ... Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia ... Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust ... Royal College of Nursing, Australia ... Royal Melbourne Hospital Dialysis Support Group... Royal Motor Yacht Club (Broken Bay) ... Rural General Practice Network (New Zealand) ... Science Industry Aust Inc ... Science Teachers Association of WA ... Shire of Esperance ... Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia ... Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals ... Softball Association ... South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce ... South West TAFE ... Springvale RSL ... STRIDE Foundation ... Summerfruit Australia ... Surf Life Saving Club - NSW ... Sweet Adelines International (USA) ... Sydney Roosters ... System Administrators Guild of Australia ... Tasmanian Catholic Education Employees’ Association ... Taxation Institute of Australia ... Tennis NSW ... The Tasmanian Sport & Recreation Association for People with a Disability ... Territory Construction Assn (NT) ... Tollgate Marketing ...The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania ... The Australasian Business Travel Association ... The Centre for Volunteering ... The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Inc ... Tourism Industry NZ ... Turf Growers Association ... USANZ ... Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI)... Victorian Home Economics and Textiles Teachers Association (VHETTA) ... Villa Maria ... Wild Flowers Australia ... Wauchope-Bonny Hills Surf Life Saving Club Inc ... Women Moving Forward (Canada) ... WSB-World Scout Bureau (Geneva) ...Wynnum & Districts Chamber of Commerce ... Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Ltd ... Youth Legal Services Inc ... Zoos Victoria and hundreds more Not for Profits from around Australia and the world.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is what YOU need to start building your membership NOW.
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