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  • Discover successful and proven ways to improve your Member Service Results.
  • Gain more merchandise and product sales from every caller.
  • Reduce complaints and turn difficult members into satisfied advocates.
  • Build your team to the highest standards of MEMBER SERVICE EXCELLENCE

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Dear Member Service Professional

The BEST Training Program Offer You’ll EVER Receive - at the BEST Price.

If you ever wanted to deliver a service / team building training program to your people – what would be your strongest desire?

  • Be capable of delivering the training yourself or confidently hand the program over to a key member of your team?
  • Deliver to small or larger groups, as you desire?
  • Deliver your training in short, sharp ‘chunks’ (say from 1-3 hours or whatever timeframes you choose)?
  • Tailor and customise the training to suit your people and their unique needs?
  • Incorporate lots of exercises and reinforcement in your training?
  • Have a program that is both stand-alone or you can incorporate modules into your current training Programs? A ‘very best of’ compilation!
  • Have a program that is driven by real objectives and real key performance indicators?
  • Gain real outcomes for your people and your organisation in one dynamic program?
  • Possess the ability to use the same program over and over without paying expensive licence or participant fees?

Your expectations have just been exceeded!

The Member Service Excellence Training
and Skills Development Program

by Kevin Cahalane

One of the Top Customer/Member Service
Training Professionals in Australia

What does this outstanding program contain?

  1. A comprehensive Leader’s Guide incorporating:

    16 training modules containing key training in member service excellence, telephone response, complaints management and sales. It is a complete member service program and each module is 1-2 hours duration (over 270 pages of quality training resources). Giving you up to 3+ days (24 hours) of service training which can be delivered within timeframes of your choosing. You can train in selected, stand-alone modules, combine modules or add modules to your current inhouse training program.
  2. Each training module has a set of kpi’s and objectives, most have suggested exercises, and is laid out in an easy to follow format. Anyone in your organisation can conduct the training.
  3. Tools to create your own, customised participant workbooks and PowerPoint presentations.
  4. A complete set of notes and resource materials, to give to your people during or after their training. Handy tips, hints and guidelines – over 70 pages.
  5. An ‘Introduction to Trainers’ manual; a complete 65 page guide to pre and post training as well as handy reference material you can use in conjunction with this Member Service Training Program.

You can utilise all or selected
portions of the training program.
You can brand it, theme it, customise
it … whatever YOU want.

This outstanding Service Excellence Training Program covers:

  • An introduction to Member Service Excellence
  • Striving for total professionalism in Member care
  • What excellent Member service can achieve – for you, your organisation
  • The 9 steps to Member Service Excellence
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Telephone Response – voice/manner and opening the conversation
  • Discovering the needs of Members through questioning skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Why prospects become Members
  • Making a professional offer
  • Making a presentation to a Member
  • Closing the sale (merchandise, memorabilia and products)
  • Cross selling and up selling skills (merchandise, memorabilia and products)
  • Handling objections and concerns
  • Positive ways to conclude a call
  • Handling member complaints and difficult Members for a WIN/WIN
  • Follow through – making a call back to a Member

Incorporated in 16 modules with discussion exercises, skills practice exercises and projects.

What will the Member Service Excellence Training Program Cost You?

After reading the above, you must be anxious to know the purchase price of the Member Service Excellence program. We have been marketing the program since 1996, and updating it every year since, at a full price of $395.

If you order today, the entire training and skills development program is yours for …$197.00 (including 10% GST in Australia).

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We think you will agree that $197.00 is a reasonable investment which will repay itself over and over again in building the skills of your Team.

Even if you only use a few of the 16 modules, you are still miles ahead. In fact, you can’t lose because …

We absolutely, 100% guarantee
your satisfaction or we will
refund your purchase price.

Sceptical of the low price?

Don’t be. Just read the tiny sampling of testimonials from happy, satisfied managers who have had their people to our courses and workshops (conducted between 2004 – 2010).

There are two reasons why we are making this incredible offer:

  1. If you purchase our training program, we will send it to you by email (in a Word file). Because we save on printing, packaging, postage, the cost to you is extremely reasonable.
  2. You gain a program which you can change, tailor, customise, brand, theme … basically, do with it what suits you (and your people)best! AND, you can use this program over and over again.

How’s that for a WIN/WIN outcome?

We will email you, with our compliments, our 15-page Coaching Excellence for Results, Relationships and Revenue. It is packed with quality hints, tips, guidelines and formats to enable you to get the BEST out of your team.

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What do people say about the Member Service Excellence Training Program?
Testimonials from senior managers who have utilised Kevin Cahalane’s expertise to deliver his Customer Service Excellence program include:

Leonie De Giusti, Manager Member Services, CPA Australia

Walter Ramadam, Chief Financial Officer, CPA Australia

Fantastic, it covered every possible learning objective I envisaged for the team.
Mike Clark, Lending Manager, Advantage Credit Union

Clear, concise information with good participant involvement.
Wes Hobson, Corporate Planning Manager, CarParts Australia (a division of Repco)

THANK YOU Kevin, I will definitely recommend your Customer Service Excellence program.
Violeta Meier, Retail Support Centre Manager, Hallmark Cards Australia

The topics (at our Customer Service Conference) were all relevant to our needs and presented in a fun and uplifting way. The team have truly been working as a team since our weekend away. Thank you.
Kym Tipping, Customer Service Manager, Gilette Australia

(Kevin) pacey, knowledgeable, enthusiastic.
Shelley Carmichael, Training Manager, BP Australia

Your training of our security officers, with the Customer Service Excellence program was invaluable and we received excellent feedback from all who attended. I look forward to working with you in the future to create many more Customer Service Champions!
Rachael Lambert, Managing Director, National Protective Services (winner of a major Customer Service award – two years in a row!)

Your time and effort in creating something uniquely special for us was greatly appreciated.
Ed Davis, General Manager, SSL Leisure Services

PLEASE ACT NOW – The price may rise at any time

Let’s summarise what you will receive:

  1. A complete, proven Customer Service Excellence Training and Skills Development Program, notes/resource materials, Trainer’s Guide and various templates.
  2. Three free Customer Service reports
  3. A free copy of our acclaimed ‘Coaching Excellence for Results, Relationships and Revenue’ program.
  4. A 100% guarantee of satisfaction.,

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Kevin Cahalane (Author/Publisher of the Member Service Excellence skills training program.)

Kevin has been involved in the fields of sales, service, management, retail, training and marketing, for 30 years. As an executive he has worked for companies such as IBM, and the Melbourne ‘Age’ newspaper.

As a highly successful and well respected trainer he has conducted workshops, courses, seminars and programs for over 15,000 people involved in field sales, customer service, telephone sales, sales management, training and marketing.

He works closely with key decisionmakers in areas of planning, business development and strategy implementation. He has documented proof of adding millions of dollars to clients' bottomline results.

His articles have been published in over 30 newspapers and specialty magazines.

He has published training programs and manuals which are used by companies in industries such as Publishing, Manufacturing and Distribution, Service, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, Technology and more.

Kevin commenced his Training and Development career in 1980 and has gained an outstanding reputation due to dynamic presentation style, involvement of participants, a high personal level of motivation, profound knowledge of his subject matter and a sense of humour.

His ideas are practical, effective, profitable and can be implemented immediately for outstanding RESULTS.

Kevin is an accredited Training and Skills Development Professional as well as a recognised keynote speaker who has presented around Australia, in New Zealand and the United States of America.

You can contact Kevin on (03) 5976 8966 (Australia) or +613 5976 8966 (International) or email

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