What are the five biggest problems facing Membership Managers around the world today?

  1. Recruiting new members to your organisation—how do you build a list of prospects? How do you persuade prospects to join your organisation? How do you follow through with prospective members?
  2. Retaining your members and building their loyalty—more members leave an organisation within the first year of joining, than at any other time. What is your current member engagement strategy in turbulent times?
  3. Renewing your members—a perennial and perpetual headache for membership managers and organisations. What do you offer your members to keep them renewing year after year? How do you win back lost members?
  4. Revenue earning from your Members—how do you get your members to spend more money … more often? How do you maximise revenue from fundraising, events, functions, merchandise, memorabilia, education, professional development and membership upgrades?
  5. How do you continue to build your membership … and your member revenue … when times are getting tougher and your budget has just been slashed?

And when times do get tougher … what makes your organisation relevant to your members and prospective members. Where does your organisation excel in areas of member innovation, member value, member benefits and member engagement?

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Membership Growth Strategies for SUCCESS

How to Build Your Membership … and Gain More Revenue ... and Recession-proof Your Organisation in 2012 … and Beyond

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    It was great and easy to follow.  Often the topics advertised in seminars are not what is talked about so it was so pleasing to hear about exactly what was marketed to me.  Fantastic.  Well done to Kevin.

    Most informative and  thought provoking.

    I was gobsmacked by how good this was. Thank you for the open and free advice.

    Simply the best webinar yet, well structured with great ideas.

    This was my first webinar and it was very informative.  Many thanks to Kevin who has given me so much information about how we can go forward and grow our membership in a positive way.

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"Greetings Kevin

A very big win was announced last week for The Albert Sailing Club Inc. We took out the top award for Yachting Victoria's/Vic Health Club of the Year.

As this was my personal aim during my three year term as Vice Commodore, I am now most pleased to announce my retirement from the Committee of The Albert Sailing Club. The new team have excellent examples now set in place to guide our Club to further heights.

This success is all due to the easy-to-follow steps laid out in Membership Toolkit.

I shall continue to 'build' my development file for The Albert Sailing Club and welcome incoming communications from Membership Growth.

Fair Winds

Terry O'Donnell
Vice Commodore (Retired)
Albert Sailing Club Inc

PS: It is good to go back on-the-water to spend precious time racing with my Club mates.

I thought it quite appropriate to advise you of what happens when your program is followed, carefully used to its best, then praised for successful achievements. Now I can comfortably step back and let the trained 'new kids' take over.


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I know this works – I increased our membership by well over 1,000% in 12 months!”

Barbara Gabogrecan
President Marketing Communications Executives International
(Melbourne Chapter)

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