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What are the five biggest problems facing Membership Managers around the world today?


  1. Recruiting new members to your organisation—how do you build a contact list of prospects? How do you persuade prospects to join your organisation? How do you follow through with prospective members?
  2. Retaining your members and building their loyalty—more members leave an organisation within the first year of joining, than at any other time. What is your current member engagement and communications strategy?
  3. Renewing your members—a perennial and perpetual headache for membership managers and organisations. What do you offer your members to keep them renewing year after year? How do you win back lost members?
  4. Revenue earning from your Members—how do you get your members to spend more money … more often? How do you maximise revenue from fundraising, events, functions, merchandise, memorabilia, education, professional development and membership upgrades?
  5. How do you continue to build your membership … and your member revenue … when times are tough?

And when times do get more challenging … what makes your organisation relevant to your members and prospective members. Where does your organisation excel in areas of member innovation, member value, member benefits and member engagement?

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